Matt Barry

(That's Welsh for 'Hi, how's it going?')

My name is Matt Barry and I am a Motion Graphics Artist, Front-end Web Developer and Illustrator from Swansea, Wales. By day I create broadcast graphics, educational resources and all things digital. By night, I develop my own passion projects under the moniker of ReviverKnight. This is my outlet for all the ideas I have, from illustrations, board games, children's books and music. I’ve been working with digital media for 16+ years.

When I'm not engaged in the creative world, I like to play video games with my son (I have a degree in Game Design, by the way). I also love to submerge myself into 80's pop-culture and give myself a bloody good scare, usually by reading Stephen King novels (it took me weeks to get over Pet Sematary). Be warned, there is some incredibly geeky stuff ahead, but I LOVE IT.