Reaper’s Undead – The Blue Team

The blue team is now complete! It took a while to get here, but I’m very happy with how the first lot of characters from my ReviverKnight universe have turned out. I now need to adapt these for the red team. The red team are living so they will basically just be the human versions of these.

Vodathrag was the last character completed for this set. He is the Wizard of the Dark Realm. More on the backstory later…

Night Elf

Night Elf is the latest character I’ve been working on. I was struggling with this character to begin with (V1). Something didn’t look quite right and I couldn’t quite figure out what it was. I gathered some feedback which ultimately lead to V2 which I’m A LOT more happy with. I made the decision to make all of the blue team ‘undead’ and the red team will be living. More to come shortly…

Board Layout

So over the last week, I’ve been getting some feedback from friends/online. The main thing that popped up is that I need to start testing this game now! I’ve heard some stories of people having to re-do a ton of illustrations based on how the game changes. Hopefully, I won’t have this problem with the characters as I really like them so far and I can’t see what would need to change (fingers crossed).

I’ve starting working on the board layout in more detail. There are 4 zones, The Reaper Zone, Dwarf Zone, Queen Zone and Elf Zone. I’ve briefly talked about how the blue team are from the ice world (blue panels), and the red team are from the ‘nice’ world (red panels – a better name is clearly needed). Throughout the game, the player can switch either Elf/Dwarf zone into their own world (kinda like the upside down from Stranger Things). I’ve shown how this would work in the .gif below.

I’m gonna start printing all the prototype stuff out this week and start testing. I’ll do a separate post where I go into the zone specific elements.

Road Map

Here’s the plan for the next few months. I’d like to get the game to a stage where I can get some prototypes printed out and start play-testing it properly early in the new year. Once I finish the blue team, the red team should materialize a lot quicker as I’ll be using the same character template.

I’ll also be working on the gameplay/mechanic ideas during the next few months as well as extra power ups/enemies etc. Time to get to work!

ReaperKnight and Night Dwarf

Here are the first 2 characters from the blue team. ReaperKnight is the ‘leader’ of the blue team. Throughout the game/quest, he can recruit allies (Night Dwarf being one of them). As you can see, Night Dwarf is covered in ice/has a frozen look to him. I like the idea that all of the blue team are from an icy part of the game world, so I may add this effect to all of the blue team characters.

The character stats are random numbers at the moment. These will change when I get to testing the gameplay. Each character will have it’s own unique stats.

Skeleton Key

The Skeleton Key is one of the most important items within the game. You can’t win without it. It is held by the Forsaken King and the player must defeat him to require it.

When I first started illustrating the key, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with the eyes. So I made a few variants and got some feedback on what others thought would work best.

The colours for number 2 and smaller gems were the favourite.

After the feedback, I took the vectors into Photoshop for texturing. I changed the string for a chain and the gems were giving a ‘spectrum effect’ (a suggestion by HybridPK_).